Buyer in Lawrence, KS

“I’d worked with realtors before meeting and working with Karen, and each of those experiences reinforced a suspicion: that the job of “realtor” was a dubious one, no more than a person who unlocked doors and nodded absently at your comments or concerns, anxious only to collect a commission. Karen may have single-handedly saved her profession from such a dim view! Not only did she respect my budget and limitations from the outset, she then patiently and professionally accepted my several changes of mind: the type of house, the size of lot, even the city in which I desired to live! And, after I found the house I wanted, she encouraged me challenge my very nature when it came to negotiation, assuring, in the end, that I would get the home I wanted at a price that met my budgetary parameters. Even after the sale and the closing, Karen continued to work on my behalf, attending to small matters, even tracking down a garage door opener that inadvertently remained with the sellers. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home. She is not only great at her job, but one can tell that she truly thrives on it.”

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